Q. How do I comment on a blog entry?

A. Below the blog entry, click on the blue link “(#) Comments.” Within the “Name” field, enter your full name, title, organization, and location. Within the “Mail” field, enter your email address to be notified of responses to your comment. Lastly, enter your comments within the “Comment” field. Note that the “Name, Mail, and Website” fields are optional. You may post using a pseudonym or be anonymous.


Q. How do I post a comment anonymously?

A. Yes.  Simply leave the “Name, Mail, and Website” fields blank and complete the “Comments” field. Registering your email address with us will enable you to be notified of upcoming questions and our survey to help prioritize the issues at the completion of the commenting period.


Q. I posted a comment, but nothing happens.

A. Once you post a comment, it is sent to the moderator of the blog. The moderator will review all comments daily and either approve or disapprove the comment. Or review the blog’s homepage.


Q.  I have a question about this blog.  How do I contact the moderator?

A. You can reach the moderator at: john.kamensky@us.ibm.com.


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