Green Means Go


We can’t resist pointing out a management tactic in New Hampshire that we spotted in the CSG report we discussed yesterday:

One key procedural change at the state agency level that may have had an impact on greasing the wheels involved a simple piece of paper to green-light stimulus funded projects. Stimulus director Bud Fitch, the state’s deputy attorney general, required every stimulus project to have a green cover sheet that signified it was a “Go.”

“What the green paper does is it says when you come in in the morning and your routine stack is there, if halfway down the pile is something with a green paper, pull that out, do it immediately, send it on to the next step, where normally it might not be gotten to for two or three days or sometimes even a week,” Fitch said.

Sounds cool. But are other states still using stacks of paper, instead of emails or databases?


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